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Creating Customized Pathways for Forex Trading Business Payment Processing

Forex payment gateways

When it comes to Forex payment gateways and merchant account providers you want to have the best possible features and options. That’s where we can help you. We offer all of the back-end processes and operations that you need in order to support your business in the way you expect.

You’ll get all of the options you need to ensure that your payments are made and accepted the right way. Even though your business is high risk, we make sure that you can get set up with a merchant account easily. No more dealing with all of the more difficult processing systems.

Our team

Integrate global banking

Our team can integrate global banking relationships to get you everything you’re looking for when it comes to processing for your Forex business. The processing requirements for your business constitute a high risk, but we do whatever we can to make the process easier for you and more streamlined every step of the way, no matter what your business needs.

We can help companies anywhere in the world who accept alternative payments through Forex. And we can make sure that your money is able to be both sent and received internationally. That means you can keep an eye on your transactional data in real time when you work with us.

  • Comprehensive options for Forex trading businesses
  • Acceptance for over 100 currencies
  • Acceptance of over 196 countries
  • Rates as low as 3.5%
  • Profit settling through bank account
  • Secure data transfers using PCI Level 1 compliance
  • Fraud Scrub technology to reduce number of declined payments
  • Improved transaction tracking through high quality reporting
  • 98% approval rate for applicants

Safety and Security

We offer all of the features that you expect when it comes to transaction support. In fact, we can take care of just about any Forex transactions and provide not only security for your customers but also the best of the best in chargeback security as well as Fraud Scrub protection. Our system can accept Forex credit card processing from over 196 different countries and 164 different currencies, so there’s nothing that we can’t do. And we offer a guarantee that our transactions will be processed securely. Your business will have more options with us because of the range of payment options.

High End Security

You need to feel confident when you’re using any type of Forex Trading merchant account and that’s why we make sure that your account is completely secure from beginning to end. We do this by offering excellent risk=management options as well as extensive capital. Plus, we make sure that you can focus on your business and we handle the behind-the-scenes aspects. That includes enhanced liquidity, one-click checkout, customized payment options and responsive forms, amount other things.

Our Work is Guaranteed

We know that Forex is high risk because of interest rate risks, credit risks, leverage risks and a whole lot more. But with our support you can get a whole lot of benefits and cut down on some of those risks. Plus, we can keep our pricing low, even for high risk clients and services. All you have to do is contact us to find out more about what we have available and how to get started for your business.

High Quality Support Systems

We make sure that our clients can get their Forex merchant accounts set up quickly and easily. In fact, we’re familiar enough with this system that you won’t have any problems getting the right solution for your business and the most reliable payment options possible. We can create a custom system for your company and make sure that whether you’re a startup or a more high risk client, we can take care of you.

Quick Approval

With our team you will not only get low rates but you’ll also get a very fast approval. That’s important because we know that you want to get started growing your business as quickly as possible. On top of that we can take care of high volume processing and help you accept payments the way you would expect. We don’t put arbitrary limits on your account. Instead, we make sure that you get all of the benefits you need and work as an acquirer, service provider and regulatory to make sure you have everything you need.

Quick Payment Processing

Payments need to be made fast within the Forex market and that’s why we make sure that your payments can be approved just that quickly. With traditional banks the processing time can be too slow, and since you can’t do the processing yourself you would generally need to rely on a bank. But you could lose out on a trade if the transaction isn’t processed quickly enough and that costs you a great deal of money and time. That’s why you need a processor that can take care of things in less than a second, so nothing is missed.

Multiple Methods of Payment

We also know it’s important to have a payment gateway to allow multiple different types of transactions. You want to be able to access the trades and the information that you need from anywhere and from several different methods so you never have to worry about missing something. Bank wires, vouchers, electronic checks and more are all available for Forex transactions. And they ensure you never run out of cash. All of this makes it possible for you to get money, make payments and a whole lot more, in different methods to account for different availabilities.

Multiple Types of Currency

Finally, you don’t have the time or energy to be looking around for a currency exchange and with payment gateways, and specifically Forex payment gateways, you don’t have to. You can process transactions in a range of different currencies and even make your payments in those currencies. This will make it possible for you to use international transactions and keeps the costs down for you that would otherwise be involved with a foreign currency payment. You get to save money and save time with this process, in real-time.